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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Still dark....

We lost power at 11:40 Saturday night and are still in the dark as of 2:42pm Wednesday. There were over 800,000 customers without power after this freak October snow, about 450,000 still remain in the dark. It has been a warm 55-60 degrees during the day but low 30's overnight.
Schools are closed for the whole week in most towns and Connecticut Light and Power says they will have 100% restored by midnight on Sunday.
I can't miss Giants/Patriots this week, so I may be searching for a spot to go to.
We're hanging in there....
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  1. Hang in there some more Bryan, I guess, and keep us posted (and be glad it's not the dead of winter, right?). I'd offer you space here; lots of 'juice,' but it's a smallish place and I guess too far away.

  2. We were without power for seven hours about two months ago, and I almost lost my mind. In this electronic age, I can't even imagine being without power for a week. Stay warm.

  3. Wow, your doing the modern third world thing. A place to live yes, but unreliable utilities. I hope you are soon up and running.

  4. Bryan you can always watch it with me here.

  5. RM,
    I was just reading IndyWx blog - the writer and Sarge are on the same page: get used to white stuff. You thought about a portable generator?
    In fact, I think Fringe may get nailed tonight in Wichita.

    Hang in there.
    Lord help our Colts...