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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hank Williams Jr

In case you have not heard, Hank Williams Jr has been fired by Monday Night Football and they will no longer use his "Are you ready for some football" song. He made remarks in an interview comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler.
Really? Is this really a fire-able offense? I don't know. I have been a huge supporter of Freedom of Speech and although his remarks may have been stupid, do they require him to be fired?
Did he threaten the President? No
Does anyone care what a country singer thinks? No
Will Hank being on MNF cost ESPN/Disney their image? Maybe.

I understand that Hank is an employee of the Disney Corporation and therefore must meet their standards of conduct, but is comparing the President to Hitler poor conduct?
People already don't like the Disney machine, so what's the big deal? I don't think Liberals will ban MNF because they don't like what Williams said, we all love football way too much. There are members of the Tea Party who now want to ban MNF for firing Williams, and they will do it, they are a passionate bunch.

In closing, Hank Williams said something stupid but MNF may have over reacted, and they better have a very good new song for this week because Sunday Night Football has become the premier game (and song).
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  1. First, I would point out that this isn't about "freedom of speech," (the 1st amendment thing) unless the government is involved.

    Second, I don't know if "fireable offense" has much meaning anymore, in our increasingly non-union world. Your job isn't really your job, it's THEIR job, and they can do what they like with it, including send it to China.

    As you point out, it really is all about the money and MNF's image. Call them right or call them wrong, you would agree that it is their right to make that call, right? If it blows up in their face they can deal with the consequences, just as Hank must now.

    What a world, eh?

  2. MNF is for ratings, first and last, viewers lost or gained mean something, $ $ $ and more (or less) $. The last thing they want is to become a focal of the we vs. them war. Hank is gone, the end. Time for a make over following the snafu. There are a shit load of talent agents scrambling to sell their air head celebrity to take up the slack.

    I also add my 2 cents to notacynic's point about freedom of speech thingy, this was a stupidity thingy and the employers right to dump workers that display stupidity, most likely it was even in the contract as it is a students admission letter at most any school, bring embarassement on us and your toast. The current right leaning Supreme court has come down time and time again on the side of employers to dump people for the offense of talking or blogging, I think next it will find rolling your eyes can get you fired without recourse.