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Saturday, October 29, 2011

After a winter of record breaking snow totals.....

Welcome to Denver!!! Oh, wait, I mean Connecticut. We are expecting 6-12" of the stuff for a rare White Halloween. Last time we had snow in October was 1987, last time we got 8+ inches in October?? Unknown.
I love it, bring it on!
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  1. Love it or leave it, I guess. ; )

  2. The weather forecast where I live in California:

    Sat. 82

    Sun. 79

    Mon. 79

    Bring it on! :^)

  3. RM,
    Sad news my friend; this is merely the first taste of what is to follow. The weather pattern that gave us what we had last year is returning:
    warm air over the pole is going to drive the jet
    stream south and the La-Nina affect will provide the moisture - cold air and water = Lots and lots of alligator repellant.
    Didn't see no gators in New London, did ya?

    Blast us a picture with a yardstick total.
    Go Colts!
    Ha, ha...


    Blog Meteorologist

  4. Meanwhile, here in New Zealand we're into "comin' outta winter", aka: spring. Then we get summer, on or about January 1st, followed by "headin' into winter" and then WINTER. Nah. Actually we've had fairly mild temperatures and quite a bit of rain.