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Friday, October 28, 2011

Cheshire,CT home invasion trial update

In a statement yesterday, the parents of Joshua Komisarjevsky (the mastermind of the Cheshire home invasion) said they knew he was troubled from the time he was a child. In fact, Komisarjevsky has admitted in a letter that he has killed 17 other women, he may have been just bragging though.
His parents were asked why, if they saw signs of a future serial killer, did they not get Joshua into therapy? Are you ready for this answer? Its a doosie.
It is against their religious beliefs. Yup.
They are Evangelists and feel that mental therapy and medications are a crutch for the unfaithful. They put all of their trust in Christ to guide and heal young Joshua.

Atheism- 1 Christianity- 0.
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  1. Just remember, BC, that not all Christians are Evangelicals (and not all Evangelicals are rigidly anti-science).

    Religion is like a lot of other things, it can be used wisely or poorly.

    And of course, not all of us Atheists are perfect, either. ; )