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Monday, October 3, 2011

Been damn busy

I realized the other day I have hardly been on Blogger lately. I've gone on, done my picks and gone on to other things. I have been reading other blogs quickly but haven't had time to sit and comment. Life gets busy with a newborn in the house.

Abby is starting to settle into a routine, which is good. The other two have been adapting very well, this is old news for Alyssa but it is Devin's first time being an older sibling. He has shown some attention seeking behavior, but being a 4 year old boy that is normal anyway. He did come up with this, "I'm the big brother, its my job to make sure the boys don't try to kiss Abby". I have no idea where he got that from, but he's right.
More later....
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  1. Just take care of that baby and the boy, and the momma, that should be sufficient. Until you get time to write more, some of us will pull extra duty to fill in for you.

  2. Nice to see that Devin is taking his role seriously. :^)