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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Sunday!

The greatest and saddest game of the year is here. The game we wait all year for that is also the end of football until September.

Now, I don't want to say that one team doesn't have a chance because anything can happen but....I don't think the Ravens can win this game. I know it's the last game for Lewis and that could be a big factor but with the offense and defense the Niners are packing this could be a not so interesting Super Bowl. Could be.

Nerves could take over the first half as we have two Quarterbacks and two coaches making their first trip to the big game but that doesn't always mean anything. I expect a low scoring first half, maybe like 10-10 at halftime but for the third quarter to heat up.
In the end, I'm taking the 49ers to win 27-17.


  1. I am not sure who i want to win, either would be fine by me. I am also thinking it will be the 49'ers though but a very close game. I will say the score will be 30-28, Niners.

  2. RM,
    Kevin may be right - Ray Lewis gets a close in interception and runs it in!