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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Buccaneers Gathering Information After Da’Quan Bowers Arrested

It doesn't say anywhere in the Constitution that you can't bring a gun on an airplane, I checked. So, I guess he was within his rights as a gun owner right?
I hope you all know I'm joking. But, such is the logic of gun nuts who say the Constitution doesn't say they can't own military style weapons.



  1. Yes, there are people who seem to believe that because of the 2nd Amendment we can't have any gun laws.

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  3. Damn shame Wayne LaPierre (for one) came to his pro-gun views a bit belatedly. Otherwise he would have realized back in his prime that the government itself would happily issue a weapon to him and even give him permission to use it against people. Of course, on the down side, those other people would have been representing a government that had given them weapons and permission to shoot LaPierre and his brethren. Worse still, assuming he had survived being shot at and had arrived home more or less intact, the government would have made his give his weapon back. But at least he would be able to say that he had worn the uniform in defense of his various and several Constitutional rights.