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Monday, February 4, 2013

Top Ten

Someone on Facebook mentioned that this Super Bowl was good but not great, I had to disagree, and said it's in my top ten of Super Bowls that I've seen. So, then I had to think about what Super Bowls I've seen and how I would rank them.
I have seen 22 Super Bowls but not all of those have I seen the whole way through, some just weren't entertaining. I saw bits and pieces of Bucs and Raiders, I had no interest, and just the first half of Broncos and Falcons (we knew it wouldn't be close). I remember sticking it out for Niners/Chargers and one of the Dallas/Buffalo but I was very young at the time...well, like 12. So, here are the ten best Super Bowls I've seen. I attempted to rank them but not sure if I can.
You will notice one thing...win or lose the Patriots play entertaining Super Bowls.

10. SB 31 Green Bay 35 NE 21- It was a 14 point win but the first half was close and historically, you have to love the Lombardi going home for the first time in 29 years.

9. SB 25 NYG 20 Buffalo 19- I'd rank this one higher, but truth be told I didn't see a lot of it, I was only 11. Plus, I didn't understand football as much at that time. I did see the play that mattered. Wide right.

8. SB 32 Denver 31 Green Bay 24- The score was close but I remember always feeling this Denvers game to lose. Maybe this should be higher but I love comebacks and that's what I put ahead of this.

7. SB 47 Baltimore 34 SF 31- The first half was all Ravens and until the power went out it seemed it would stay that way. An amazing rally by the Niners made this flop into a tightly played fourth quarter.

6. SB 43 Pitt 27 Arizona 23- Again,a tale of two halves. The Cards avoided a beat down and even led with minutes left on the clock. For the second year in a row we had a winning last second drive to win, you have to love that.

5. SB 34 StLouis 23 Tenn 16- This game came two yards away from going into OT. We expected the greatest show on turf to put up huge points but the Titans D came to play and made this a pretty good game.

4. SB 38 NE 32 Carolina 29- The fourth quarter flurry. After a tight three quarters with not a lot of scoring, these teams went nuts at the end going score for score before the Pats finally put it away.

3. SB 46 NYG 21 NE 17- The rematch. The Giants took a quick lead and it almost seemed they were going to roll but the tides turned and the Pats took over and in the third it looked like they were going to roll. Then the Giants chipped away with field goals and took over again with just a minute left. A huge 4th down conversion made it look like the Pats were the team of destiny but a Hail Mary fell short as NY held on.

2. SB 36 NE 20 StLouis 17- The start of the Patriots empire and arguably the biggest upset in Super Bowl history. The Rams were expected to blow out the Pats and their new QB, Tom Brady. Brady looked good after taking over for an injured Bledsoe, but to match with the Rams? No way. Bellichick and Crennel worked together to come up with a defensive scheme to stop the high powered Rams and it worked. It all came down to Adam Vinateri knocking in the winning points after Brady led the Patriots into field goal position. But...was it the best version of David vs Goliath we would ever see? Nope, the Patriots would be in that situation again but this time they'd be Goliath...

1. SB 42 NYG 17 NE 14- I may be biased but I think this has to be considered the biggest upset and the plays that led to it were as legendary as the game itself. The 18-0 Patriots were putting up 40 points a game, the Giants limped into the playoffs but were playing with the confidence of an undefeated team. After the Patriots took a 14-10 lead with just over two minutes to play,a series of miracles got NY on top. The Giants defense pounded Goliath all day keeping Brady totally off time. Then the last drive...the Giants faced a 4th and 1 and Jacobs powered his way, 3rd and 4 Toomer made the grab, Asante Samuel dropped an interception, the 3rd and 7 near sack followed by the Tyree helmet catch, Steve Smith getting the catch and muscling for the extra yard on 3rd and 11, then finally hitting Plaxico Burress in the corner of the end zone for the win. I don't think we will see a game or a drive like that for a long time. Best Super Bowl ever.


  1. RM.
    I dropped Mom off at church at church and then did some grocery shopping and then went to pick her up. Well, she was delayed coming out because the first Sunday in the momth is Communion - you know, he crackers and the grape juice thing. Well, then she wanted chicken - Well, that is my normal thing after picking her up on Sunday after church.
    So, across the river and on the bridge we went and got the chicken! She wanted left-overs for lunch and had chicken for supper.
    I was spitting cotton when I got that first glass of suds down.
    Well, Emily was the bartender - a buxom blond and on the first page of the new Hooters calendar - She asked me about the Shades of Grey books and I told her about me and Sharon Kay. I told her to get the movie - "The Story Of O". Yes, I know it was the Sabbath - But, as yes sow, shall yea reap.
    I had three and came home - I had almost a case of long necks - Cooked the pizza and watched up pasts the black out and half time (Beyonce is hot! And, you know that Budweiser won best commercial.
    I might have dozed off but I awoke like at zero dark thirty and knew that the Ravens had won - some cold fried chicken might have feel victim.

    Alright now, focus on NCAA basketball. Indiana is #1 in APs poll for tomorrow. Illinois on Thursday and Ohio State on Sunday. They beat Wisconin in the Big Ten tournement and they win the Big Ten - they are going to the dance regardless.
    Butler, may be a spoiler - watch the Bulldogs...


  2. Bryan

    The first one i remember seeing was SB4 between the Chiefs and Vikings. Didn't pay much attention to it though.

    SB10 between the Cowboys and Steelers was a memorable one as was the rematch in SB13. Another one that stands out im my mind was 16 in 82, between the 49'ers and Bengals. Of course all of those before you were born.

    Hands down agree that probably the best of all was Giants - Patriots in SB42