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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another sad day in Connecticut

Last night around 7:30 the State Police issued an Amber alert for two young boys taken from their daycare by their Grandmother then all three went missing. Around 11 last night the alert was canceled as Police had found the bodies of all three dead at a park in Preston Connecticut.
The Grandmother left a suicide note.
The boys were six months and two, and were victims of a double murder/suicide. The family says the Grandmother was bi polar and has had mental issues for a long time.
Guess what...she didn't kill them with a stick.
Absolutely horrific story. I don't know if this link will work but it's easy enough to Google if need be. How anyone can shoot a six month old baby is beyond me, plus a two year old. It was also the two year olds birthday.



  1. The gun makers will say a good guy with a gun should have been there to shoot her first. I said gun makers not NRA because it is the gun makers really. The NRA is just a shield, a bumper they created to take all the hits, to keep the anger away from the gun and ammo builders and sellers.
    Sadly, these three are just a few of those dyeing today. Our daily death by bullets is almost always more than in the Mexico drug war.

  2. RM!
    I wished I had a answer.