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Saturday, April 28, 2012

NFL Draft

I wanted to get through the first few rounds before I decided who has done the best job so far, and I have to say, as far as getting players the Colts have drafted two immediate impact players that will make this offense great again. Every draft analyzer was certain that the Giants would take TE Coby Fleener but they had a great RB fall into their lap, and the Colts have reunited Luck and Fleener.
Some of the trades in the first round were pretty good, some not. I think Dallas made a mistake drafting a guy they never talked to before but they needed a DB badly.
Cleveland made a good move picking up Trent Richardson (RB) and even the hated Eagles made a nice move for the DT they had on the top of their list.
The Chargers got the better DE in the draft with Melvin Ingram which is weird because the Jets drafted before them and took a lesser DE in Coples. Coples could be good but he has been described as lazy. Good luck, Rex.
The Patriots did an awesome job of tightening up that defense trading up to get Dont'a Hightower, who could become a very dominant force in the NFL under Bellichick. Plus, they may have gotten the second best DE in the draft with Chandler Jones.

I like the Giants first two picks, a running back and a wide receiver, the third pick of CB Hosley is ok, but they should have gone for offensive line help.

How about the Jaguars? A 5 win team that took a punter in the 3rd round? Ridiculous.

Overall, there weren't any shocking picks, nothing huge. I think the Patriots or Colts did the best job in the AFC, NFC I'm not sure, maybe Philly who needed some help on defense. I also like the WR that the Cardinals picked up in the first round and I think St.Louis did a good job too, they had a solid draft.
You can still get a great player in the late rounds, sometimes guys just step up to the plate and exceed expectations, the real fun is watching these rookies develop into something great. I wish it was September already.
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  1. The Packers have made five picks so far, all of them defense. No surprise there.