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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Explain this to me

Maybe I'm retarded but I don't get how people don't believe in Global Warming but believe in God. Now, here me out before you roll your eyes.
Okay, we know that there was an ice age, there is scientific proof that Earth was one land mass and covered in ice. We have seen the fossils, the Wooly Mammoth existed in places that are hot now. We also know that Earth warmed up and we had Dinosaurs and the animals from the Ice Age evolved into warm loving animals over time.
Now, scientists say that due to Carbon being released from the ground and burned that the average temp of Earth has risen. The naysayers on the right say this is not the case and the proof is spotty at best.
Now, we have the story of Jesus. A Jewish woman claims that she was impregnated by God (of whom we have 0 proof he exists), then she gave birth to the Messiah and angels spread the word to the people of Israel. The story then says that Jesus was killed on the cross and buried, only to rise again three days later. This story, people believe without fail and with pure faith, but tell them that the average temp of the Earth has risen two degrees and will continue to rise and they say "yeah right, prove it!".
To them I say, you just have to have faith.
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  1. RM,
    Faith defies reason. If you in your heart believe that something is true - all the science in the world isn't going to change yor mind. "He wrote it, I believe it, that's the end of it" mentality prevails.


  2. RM;
    I have a farm, and I can tell you farmers sometimes want to know what the soil temperature is, and there are places that track it. Over the last century it has risen a little, over the last decade it's up about like air temps increase. Warmer soil means it dries faster, plants germinate faster, microbes and bugs in it have to deal with this and in some cases they grow faster and more powerful, in some they die out. The variables are many, and most are not good. Crops are for the most part under more stress the last few years. Conserving energy, cutting waste, cutting CO2 and other greenhouse gasses, these all can help your kids have a better future.

  3. I liked the first sentence. It really made me think, and I don't remember seeing things phrased exactly like that before. Nice turn of words.