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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Penn State

I'm sure the whole country has heard about what is going on at Penn State right now. Former Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky has been charged with child molestation and rape. Last I heard they have 8 counts against him, but they are looking for more victims.
I am sickened by these developments, not only as a fan of Penn State or as a father, but as a human.
What we know now is there was an accusation against Sandusky back in 1998, he was seen by a janitor sodomizing a boy in the showers. It was then reported to Paterno, who reported it to the Athletic Director, from there......nothing.
Joe let Sandusky go, which at the time seemed very strange from the outside. Paterno and Sandusky were a power duo in college football, they were known for coming up with huge defensive plans with great linebackers.
Sandusky was allowed to still work at the college in a role I'm not sure of. But, he was investigated by campus police and they gave Penn State a 30 page report of what they have found. Supposedly, Paterno never knew about such a report.
If you don't know a lot about Penn State or Joe Pa, just know that he has been there over 60 years and lives on campus. They have a statue in his honor, Penn State is a very small college and without Paterno would never have become a college powerhouse. He is to Penn what Jordan was to the Bulls.
There were more accusations against Sandusky in 2002, again, happening at Penn State.
The school decided to keep its clean image and covered up the scandal.
Could the guy who basically runs the school have no idea what was going on? Is Paterno lying about being shocked?
I think so. How could he not know?
I respected Paterno as a coach and a man, but now?
There will forever be a black mark on Penn State because the man who worked so hard to make it a reputable place, and they have lost this fan.
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  1. Somewhere a Catholic priest is saying, "See? It's not just us" ...

    Yes, this whole episode is disgusting. Down goes Paterno.

  2. RM and Kev,
    When someone turns a blind eye to sexual abuse of children; they to me are more guilty than that of the pedophile. I seen this happen in the Air Force - A CMSGT - Chief Master Sergeant, two stripes more than me - was running what amounted his own teenage line of whores in Eglin AFB, Fl base housing. What is worse is that senior officers were turning a blind eye to this "pimp daddy's" operation.
    The Chief was busted to E-1 and went to the USDB at Leavenworth on a lenghtly sentence of confinement at hard labor. I remember one full Colonel being reprimanded and others allowed to resign.
    No Kevin, it isn't just Catholic Bishops...
    As to Paterno: Someone tells me that a man is fucking a kid in the shower - I am stopping it and then calling 911 and testifying against the
    pedophile in open court.

    Paterno made a coward's choice.


  3. Bryan:

    What is it that makes otherwise responsible people turn a blind eye to the gross sexual abuse of our children and young adults?

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  5. I am on Facebook, where do I find this?