"I was bitten must have been the devil"

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Services

From the mouth of one of their own


  1. Now there was a Republican of the Old School. Beware of the third rail in politics.

  2. They never quote him anymore, he is barely known to them.

  3. I believe he was responding to the John Birchers, et al. I'm reading about that shit right now in a Rick Perlstein book.

  4. RM,
    What really annoys me is that these new born fiscally conservative Republicans were the same rubber stamp assholes who spent money like a squid off the Nimitz on shore leave in Hong Kong!GW inherited a nice Clinton, as in Democratic, surplus and he and the GOP controlled Congress quickly ran America up to our asses in red ink.
    Now it is cut, cut, cut - but maybe some tax revenue? Do you see the total lack of compromise by these fuckers?
    Is it partisan politics at its very worse or is there some racism in the mix? That is hard to tell. Racism is rarely overt.
    This one US citizen and retired senior NCO has had it with partisan politics and those who take money from lobbyists. Join me and oppose the whores...