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Monday, May 9, 2011

Baby Update

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post titled "Something you're looking forward to" and I announced that we were expecting our third child. Well, we had the big ultrasound and at 20 weeks the baby is a healthy 13oz with a good heartbeat of 145/bpm (beats per minute). Also we found out the gender and it is a..............girl. My daughter, Alyssa, is thrilled..Devin, not so much, he wanted a brother.
The baby's name will be Abigail Rose, but we are using the nickname, Abby. Anyone who calls her Gail will be shot on the spot without remorse.
She's a tricky one already. The tech had a hell of a time getting the pictures she needed and we almost didn't find out the gender today. The baby was turning and moving her head, would not allow pictures to be taken. The tech finally got pictures and measurements needed and we got a clear shot of two legs with nothing in between.
I think three is my limit...


  1. What about the nickname "Rosie"?


  2. Abby sounds like she's spirited one already.

  3. Just don't allow anyone to call her Dear Abby. :^)

  4. I think that this is a great name and am super excited to see Grandchild #5 make an appearance.

  5. congrats on the approaching daughter and I like Abby as a name, personally, although I know I wasn't asked - lol. As a matter of fact I like 'Gail' even better - please don't shoot.

    maybe she was shy, yes?

    and who knows a man's limit?