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Monday, September 2, 2013


We went to see Zac Brown Band last night at the Meadows in Hartford (technically the Comcast Theater but it will always be The Meadows to me). I used to go to quite a bit of shows pre kids and we want to start hitting one or two a year again, then I started thinking about the shows I've seen..and here it is

Bob Seger with John Hiatt opening (Hartford Civic Center)

Creed with Sevendust opening (New Haven Coliseum)

104 fest featuring Sevendust, Creed, Veruca Salt and about 20 other bands I don't remember (Meadows Music Theater, Hartford)

Lynyrd Skynyrd with Deep Purple opening (we arrived late and missed Ted Nugent...Meadows Music Theater, Hartford)

Limp Bizkit with Godsmack and DMX opening (Hartford Civic Center)

Gargantua Soul and Swift (Hubbard Park, Meriden)

Pearl Jam with Sleater Kenny opening (Great Woods Music Theater, Mansfield,MA)

Ozzy Osborne with Rob Zombie opening (Hartford Civic Center)

Blues Traveler (New Haven Green)

Pearl Jam with some band I don't remember (Meadows Music Theater, Hartford)

Velvet Revolver with Hoobastank opening (Bridgeport Arena)

Green Day with Jimmie Eat World (Hartford Civic Center)

Meatloaf with Cyndi Lauper opening (Mohegan Sun Arena)

Guns n Roses with Mix Master Mike opening ( Hartford Civic Center)

Pearl Jam with another band I don't remember...(Meadows Music Theater, Hartford)

Lynyrd Skynyrd with .38 special (Oakdale Theater, Wallingford Ct)

Keith Urban with Jake Owen opening (Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville)

Pearl Jam with Band of Horses (Hartford Civic Center)

Zac Brown Band with some suck opener that I never heard the name of (Meadows Music Theater, Hartford)

I tried to go in order but I'm sure I failed. The only thing I know for sure was Bob Segar was my first concert.

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  1. My list is way smaller and date me a bit as well.
    Chicago, Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother, The Band, John Mayall, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, BB King, Moody Blues, John Denver, I think I'm missing a couple of good ones. The bummers were AC/DC and Atomic Rooster both sucked as bands but were great at volume and inner ear damage. I swore off concerts now, hate giant crowds and the price is a rip I don't care how good they are.