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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A notice to New York fans

I needed a few days to recover from that amazingly bad Giants game on Sunday. It was something you'd expect from the Jaguars but even they showed some fight against Seattle.
What makes me nuts is the fickle fans in New York who want Coughlin fired, GM Jerry Reese fired, Eli gone, the OC gone...but then a few callers of the local radio show came up with comparisons, why can't we be like?...
Like who? One caller was livid because he's tired of this feast or famine thing in NY. Why can't we be a perennial playoff team like Green Bay? or New England? or Atlanta?
The host quickly took issue..."Oh, you want to be like Green Bay who has had zero postseason success since winning three years ago? Or New England who gets in every year but had recently lost two Super Bowls to the team you want to be like them? Or the Falcons that have one playoff win in four straight years of getting in? How about the Niners? Who lost the NFC Championship to the Giants two years ago, then lost a Super Bowl. Which team do you want NY to be more like?" 
Every fan of every team deals with the same issues. So, you don't like that the Giants either don't make the postseason or win it all? Funny because when they went in 2005 and 2006 and were one and done Giants fans bitched that they couldn't get it done. So, why now do you wish they could be a perennial playoff team, even if they don't win it all? You can't have your cake and eat it too. The grass is just as green at Giants Stadium as it is at Lambeau, all fans have something to bitch about.


  1. They want to win it all, every year. That's what they want ; )