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Sunday, May 5, 2013

NFL Dream Team

The one question every sports fan asks/gets asked the most...who is your dream team?
Here is my number one rule...only pick players that you have seen play. Boom. I will be using a 4-3 defense, and pick the O Line as a whole. I will have starters only for right now. Let the games begin...

Quarterback- I'm wrestling with Montana, Manning, and Brady as my starter...I love Peyton but sometimes he fails too often in a tough spot but he is a better leader than any other QB I've seen. He could win with anyone. But, I think I want the original Joe Cool...I'm taking Joe Montana

Runningback- Hands down Barry Sanders. Fuck Emmit, Tomlinson, and Peterson they can't hold a candle to Mr.Sanders. I'd probably put Tomlinson as second but this is starters only...

Fullback- Gotta go Moose. Imagine Barry with Moose guiding him..and wait until you see the o line. Barry could hit 300 yards in one game.

Wide Receiver-  Okay, need two. First is no doubt, Jerry Rice. How to compliment him? Big deep threat? Moss, maybe? So many to choose from..Megatron, Andre Johnson, Steve Smith, Welker, Reed, Fitzgerald. Screw it, I'm going Larry Fitzgerald. Say what you will this guy deserves it.

Tight End- Gates or Gonzalez? Maybe Jason Witten? No, Tony Gonzalez, definitely.

O Line- Best line I've ever seen spanned the entire late nineties and belonged to the Denver Broncos. These guys made anyone a 1,000 yard runner. The 1997 Denver Offensive line is a model for all teams to follow.

Defensive End- Need to pick just one more because Reggie is a lock. I'm not taking Strahan..I'm putting Bruce Smith ahead of him.

Defensive Tackle- Okay, John Randle and who else? Oh, Sapp..duh.

Linebackers- On the outside I want LT and Ray Lewis, then put Urlacher in the middle. I dare anyone to go to the middle of the field.

Cornerbacks- Charles Woodson is a lock and I'm thinking Champ Bailey across from him.

Safety- Troy and Ed Reed. Who else could you have? Maybe Lynch but to me no one is above Troy and Reed.

Kicker- Adam Vinateri is known to be a lock kicker, but seriously..with Montana, Rice, Barry I'm not worried about kicking.

Punter- Does this matter? Nobody is moving on this D anyway. Jeff Feagles. Why not?  Punters are rather streaky anyway but Feagles was extremely solid his last few years.

There it is. Boom. The unbeatable team. Well, maybe not my own rule forbids me from taking some great players. But, all of these guys in their prime makes one tough team.


  1. All right, I'll pick mine while not touching any of your guys. Sucks, a little, because I want Reggie.

    Wides I'll take Sterling Sharpe and Paul Warfield. Sharpe isn't high on the all-time lists because of a short career and Warfield played on 'run first' teams his whole career but they were clearly two of the best.

    Tight end I'll take Dave Casper. The best combination pass catcher/road grader ever. (Me being twenty+ years older than you helps. ; )

    O-line I'll take the Raiders left side from the late 60s and well into the seventies, Tackle Art Shell and Guard Gene Upshaw. Center is Pittsbrgh's Mike Webster. The right side is from the sixties Packers, G Jerry Kramer and T Forrest Gregg. Granted I only saw them for a couple seasons when I was just starting out. They were key components of the team that won five championships in seven seasons, though, so ...

    Halfback I'll have Gale Sayres, another guy whose career was shortened by injuries. First team All-Pro every year from his first to the season when he got hurt. Including that one. For fullback I'll take Larry Csonka. Unless I can take Earl Campbell, who was really more of an BIG halfback. So, Csonka. A bruiser between the tackles and a punishing blocker. Never caught many passes though.

    And at QB I'll grab Roger Staubach. The best of the seventies, my golden era.

    Defense. I'll have to settle for Deacon Jones, since you have Reggie. I only saw Deacon in his last for or five seasons and I can say, from that, he must have been a monster in his youthful prime. At tackle next to him is his running buddy with the Rams, Merlin Olsen. Right side I have Viking Alan Page, T, and I guess I'm 'stuck' with Richard Dent of the big, bad Bears.

    Linebackers I'll take Ted Hendricks on the strong side and If I can't have LT on the other I'll settle for the Chiefs Derrick Thomas. In the middle I'll pass on Nitschke who wasn't even a starter when I watched him at the end of his career and Butkus, whose knees were hobbling him when I got to see him, and take the Steelers Smilin' Jack Lambert.

    Corners are Mike Haynes (Patriots, Raiders) and Rod Woodson (Steelers, Raiders).

    Safties are Steve Atwater, Broncos, and Jake Scott, Dolphins.

    Punter: Ray Guy.

    Kicker: Jan Stenerud. (OK, Morten Anderson. Stenerud was far and away the best of his era but his numbers suck compared to the modern guys.)

    Return men. Sayres was as good as I've seen. Maybe Devin Hester for when Sayres is pooped.

    Should we talk about coaches? Parcells for you? Or Coughlin? Can I have Bill Walsh AND Chuck Noll?

    1. Wow, how did I miss this? I forgot return man..I'll say Dave Meggett to have something different.