"I was bitten must have been the devil"

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I am the downfall of society

I know I'm not good about blogging, but this news is so good I had to get on here to spread the word! I am the downfall of society!! Amazing, right? To think of the billions of people in America only I am the sole cause of its downfall. I am honored. Some background perhaps?

 Sure, why not. I saw a picture on the dreaded Facebook that Dunkin' Donuts is now going to offer a sandwich made from a glazed donut with egg and bacon inside. Of course there were thousands of comments saying how this is disgusting, nasty, a heart attack for breakfast, etc etc.

 Now, it isn't enough for people to say "wow, I'd never eat that, looks gross" no..it becomes "I hope whoever eats that dies". So of course I commented with this "of course I'd try it, CT keeps raising taxes on smokes and alcohol so this sandwich is all I have left". What hate I drew, it was simply amazing. I was told this by a woman "you smoke, drink, and eat this crap? You are what is destroying America, you make our healthcare horrible, you are the downfall of society!!!" Now, maybe a normal person would be upset by this, I don't know as I am far from normal. I responded in this way "I am the downfall of society? Serious? That is amazing! I had no idea that the country was so wrapped up in me! I am honored beyond belief and thank you greatly for filling me in. Thank you so much, I really appreciate this :)". Now, maybe I'm not wired like most people but I could not believe the response she sent back, she was angry. I said thank you and showed my appreciation and she got mad at me, why? She got very mad and wished me harm..."Screw you, I hope you choke on that disgusting sandwich and get lung cancer..oh wait, no I don't because then I would have to spend my money on your cancer because you are an inconsiderate asshole". So, now this wonderful woman was offering to cover my medical bills? Crazy, right? Only one way to reply to that..."Thanks for offering to cover any medical bills I may have, but rest assured I think I have any future issues figured out, I've been watching a lot of Breaking Bad lately".
 The back and forth kind of wrapped up after that, and I became uninterested. But this brings forth another point for me...when did people start getting so mad at smokers?

 I do want to say, for the record, that I actually quit smoking a while ago. I enjoy the occasional cigar or do bum a smoke once or twice a month but, why the anger? The local news channel has been posting a lot of articles lately to cause smoking debate. There was one that Starbucks was going to ban smoking within 25 of their doors. People loved the idea. They said they were tired of walking through a "wall of smoke" to get a cup of coffee. Has anyone actually walked through a wall of smoke? I've done a lot of traveling over the past 16 years and can honestly say I have never seen a gang of smokers in front of a Starbucks or any other business. Some suggested that smoking should be illegal and all things bad for us should be illegal, like in Demolition Man. In that movie all bad things are illegal, including the exchange of bodily fluids. Kissing and even sex were illegal because they spread sickness and unwanted children. Is this really what people want or are my fellow CT citizens crazy? Does anyone else believe in "sin tax"? Raising taxes on cigarettes, alcohol, fattening foods until people can no longer afford them? Or like what King Bloomburg tried to do? Making large surgary drinks illegal in NYC? The way I see it, this is America and if I want to suck down bacon with a can of beer while smoking I have every right to.
Yes, I am an American Asshole, and proud of it.


  1. I continue to believe that you have unlimited rights to do things to yourself and no right to do things to others. It's at the intersection where things get tricky ...

  2. Red M; No your not an asshole. People that over react are, or at least sometimes are. I have studied nutrition enough to know that Dunkin thing is not good for you, but, if you want it OK.

    As to arguing with people on social comment sites as you described, Sarge always says, it's like wrestling with pigs, you'll get all dirty, and the pigs like it.