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Saturday, January 7, 2012

A ridiculous question because it will never happen

I was thinking about how nuts people get about the President's religion. Romney is a Mormon, so is Huntsman. Obama is Christian but everyone calls him a Muslim and Santorum must be Southern Baptist because he does act like a member of the KKK.

Anyway, my question is this...what will we get first? A Jewish President, an Agnostic/Atheist President or a gay President. Now, obviously none of these would ever happen but let's all pretend we don't have a country full of small minded ignorants for just a few minutes.

I say Jewish President. No one will elect anyone that does not believe in God, nor will they let there be a Mr. President and the First Husband, that would show weakness.
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  1. RM,
    The evangelicals will claim that the Jews killed Jesus. Now, I believe that a Hispanic will become President within the next thirty years. Now, a gay man or woman in the White House? Dad is 87 and told me he never would have believed that he would live to see a black man there.


  2. It's possible we've already had a gay President. No way to know, really. An openly gay Pres might not happen for a while yet.

    My money is on the Jew. ; )

  3. Santorum is a Catholic.

  4. Most historians agree that James Buchanon was homosexual but of course he served in the 1850's, so would not be openly so.

    For religion, I looked it up and two Presidents, Lincoln and Andrew Johnson, had no specific religious affiliation.

    The religion that has had the most Presidents as followers is Episcopalian.

  5. Red:

    A Jewish President seems possible.