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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Number 1 song

I saw this thing on FB where people have been looking up and posting what the #1 song was when they were born. I guess this is to show how old or young you are.

I just googled "number one song Feb 7 1980" and it said "Rock With You" by Michael Jackson.

I've been told I was a big Jackson fan in the early 80's, I suppose I was, I don't recall too much prior to 1985. Even the events from 85-2011 are fuzzy for that matter. I do like a few of his songs, I'm not really a pop kinda guy but a few Top 40 songs have made it onto my Ipod. My favorite song (by him) is probably Billie Jean, I also like Man in the Mirror, Thriller, Beat It, Bad..I think that's it. Rock With You is an okay song too.
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