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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Morning Music (and a rare endorsement)

I used to post some easy going music for Sunday morning but have somehow gotten out of the habit. I am restarting that and I'm going to post something very different for me...country music. Normally, I can't stand country music. It's too goody-goody for me, I don't know, just something about it makes me nuts but I have found a country group that I really enjoy. They are the Zac Brown Band, and it's not too surprising that I like them because they mix a country/rock style similar to Neil Young's Harvest and Harvest Moon (which are two of my favorite Neil Young albums).

As She's Walking Away (w/Alan Jackson)

Colder Weather 

Chicken Fried
How about we throw in a Neil Young song also, since I brought him up


  1. Never heard of Zac Brown but sounded okay. Will have to check them out further.

  2. I liked them...Nice sound...with echoes of classic country roots with the fiddles. Good choice!