"I was bitten must have been the devil"

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shmoke a little shmoke...

My home state of Connecticut has passed legislation to decriminalize possesion of marijuana.
Less than a half ounce used to be a misdemeanor charge, but now it will simply be a $150 fine and go up with each possession.
Personally, it doesn't matter to me, never touched the stuff, and I don't see how having a joint is different than having a couple beers.
Once Gov. Malloy signs the bill (and he will) it shall be law.
Smoke em if ya got em.


  1. Bryan:

    Hows about a $150 fine if you are caught with a six-pack of beer?

  2. Common sense slowly progresses across the country.

  3. We were heading this way in the 1970s. We'd be there now, but, Reagan! War on Drugs! Idiot!

  4. RM,
    Don't you know that that dammed Devil's Weed will cause you to start parting your hair in the middle, wear little round glasses, bell bottom jeans, sandals, beads, tie-dyed shirts and listen to revolutionist music? The shit will fuck up your chromosones and cause you to father children on retlin! Plus it will turn your ignorant ass stone fucking queer and make you hate Jesus!

    Bourbon is better...

    Sarge's "real position on marijuana.
    Legalize it, regulate it, and tax it.
    Coccaine, herion, and meth are a whole anoter issue and we need to stop equating marijuana with the word "dope".


  5. Notacynic's position on bourbon: tastes good (real good), feels good, at first, hard to stop at right point. Many negative side effects and after effects including (sometimes severely) impaired judgment, loss of motor function, increased willingness to spend money, lowering of standards in various arenas and (some people) a tendency toward violence. Plus long term deleterious effects on all major organs, especially liver and brain.

    For me, marijuana is less judgment impairing, less motor function disabling, less likely to lead to impulsive behavior including parting with my money and a tendency toward passivity rather than violence.

    Does have its own set of negative effects including inhibition of ambition, tendency to misjudge level of seriousness of a situation, driving impairment (though of the opposite sort from alcohol, underconfidence instead of overconfidence, etc.). Long term physical effects unknown, though the greatly reduced dosage, in my case, leads me to believe I am at minimal risk to lungs, heart, etc.

    Also, no such thing as a fatal dose of marijuana. But, to each his own!

  6. When it comes to the drink, I prefer any brown alcohol..whiskey, scotch, bourbon. I'd take any of them over the green any day. Like I said, weed is not my thing. 31 years on this planet and never did a drug in my life...unless you count alcohol of course!

  7. I think it should be legalized and taxed, sold at a price as to push the drug cartels out of it. It will be a problem though. Most likely it will not be legalized, but just ignored, which of course lets the criminals profit, but may bring down the level of violence surrounding movement and sale of product.