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Monday, June 27, 2011

25 turns, no skipping

Every now and then this thread comes around on Facebook where they want you to put your IPod or MP3 player (handheld or on computer) on shuffle and jot down the first 25 songs you get. I guess it's just to see what embarrassing song comes up or see what kind of variety people have. I'll do it on here but I already know at least 10 of the 25 will be Pearl Jam but there are 1121 songs currently on my Ipod so let's see..

1. Pity for a Dime- Creed
2. Again- Alice in Chains
3. Walk on Down- Aerosmith
4. Prison Sex- Tool (that looks funny lol)
5. Still the Same- Bob Segar
6. Angry Chair (unplugged)- Alice in Chains
7. Deep- Pearl Jam (all the way to 7, wow)
8. Voices in the Sky- Moody Blues
9. Brother (instrumental)- Pearl Jam (2)
10. Flood- Jars of Clay
11. Johnny Guitar- Pearl Jam (3)
12. Sparks- Coldplay
13. Limo Wreck- Soundgarden
14. Born w/ a Broken Heart- Kenny Wayne
15. More than you know- Eddie Vedder
16. Enter Sandman- Metallica
17. Cold and Ugly- Tool
18. Give it away- Red Hot Chili Peppers
19. Thumbing my Way- Pearl Jam (4)
20. Jesus or a Gun- Fuel
21. Swim- Bush
22. Green Disease- Pearl Jam (5)
23. Crazy- Aerosmith
24. Yellow Ledbetter (live)- Pearl Jam (6)
25. Change your mind- Neil Young

Only six Pearl Jam songs and one Eddie Vedder, kind of surprised. Still rather high percentage, although Tool and Aerosmith came up twice. Little surprised only one Neil Young too since I have 5 albums of his, I may do this again another day.


  1. I just listened to Jesus Or A Gun today, along with the rest of the first 5 tracks of Sunburn. Great album that they never were quite able to follow up on.

  2. That was definitely one of my favorite albums for a while, loved the song "Sunburn". I was never interested in them after that though. Kind of like the band, Live, the album Throwing Copper was so great but then...flop

  3. There were a few one album wonders in the 90's actually..Candlebox great debut, Blind Melon was a great album, Live, Fuel, and really the only Soundgarden album I ever got really into was Superunknown but they had success before that.

  4. Jimmy's Chicken Shack too. Great first album, couldn't keep it going.

    My favorite Soundgarden album was Badmotorfinger. I think maybe we've talked about this before, though. ; )

  5. Hey Bry,

    Here are the ones I got. I never really do these things, but I already had my music player on random, so I just let it rip. Seriously, O.Bitch never comes on, but it came on this time because it counted!

    Band of Horses - Weed Party
    Coldplay - Sparks
    Megadeth - Architecture of Aggression
    Live - Waitress
    TaTu - Ya Shosla S Uma
    The Advantage - SMB2 Overworld Theme
    Weezer - No One Else
    Wir Sind Helden - Endlich ein Grund zur Panik
    Mamas and Papas - California Dreamin'
    Andy Cohen - O.Bithc Acoustic
    Trentemoller - Into the trees
    Eddie Money - Take me home tonight
    The Used - Buried Myself Alive
    The Pixies - Crackity Jones
    Brand New - Degausser
    Squirrel Nut Zippers - Prince Nez
    The Weeks - Broken Body
    Nicodemus - Cleopatra in New York
    Weezer - Holiday
    Sublime - The Ballad of Johnny Butt
    Trentemoller - Moan
    Silversun Pickups - Melatonin
    Green Day - 80
    King Missile - Jesus was way cool
    Elliott Smith - Southern Belle
    The Kinks - Lola