"I was bitten must have been the devil"

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Forgot this...

Here's the worst reaction (name removed to protect the mentally challenged)

"Dear MRS.Palin I want to vote for you ,I hope you save us all god willing ,please put god back in charge"

I am dead serious. Notice how "Mrs" gets capitalized but God doesn't. Even I know better than that, thank God.


  1. If that person wants God back in charge of his or her secular life, let that person go live in a Muslim country.

  2. If there is a God and if he wanted to be "in charge," then I guess he would be. How would Sarah Palin, or anyone else, "put God in charge"?

    What she or someone would do is put herself in charge and say that God is guiding her. Bullshit! Prove it or shut up.

  3. God save the Queen! No...seriously! Maybe the Queen can extract Palin and lock in her the dungeon or something.