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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Three ring circus

Local sports talker Mike Francesa had one thing to call the Jets after trading for Tim Tebow, a three ring circus.
Three years ago they trade up in the draft with the Browns to pick Mark Sanchez, they invest a lot of money in him and make him the future of their franchise. Sanchez isn't all that great BUT he takes the Jets to back to back AFC Championships (mostly because of defense and running attack) but regardless, he was there.
Now, he had a bad third year. The offensive line was terrible as was the running game and defense and therefore Sanchez was exposed. Regardless, the Jets say that Sanchez is their future and they will build the team around him strengths, but then...they go after Peyton Manning, how does that make a still developing QB feel?
Then, when Manning refuses to even visit the Jets, they turn around and say they turned Manning down not the other way around. In answer to the Manning debacle, they extend Sanchez's contract by 3 years, all seems well in Jets land, until....
The Jets have traded for Tim Tebow.
What a ridiculously stupid move. Now, the stadium will be filled with Tebow-maniacs who will be chanting for Tim every time Sanchez messes up. The Jets will now have to build the offense not around Mark, but around their back up QB.
Why would the Jets do this? To compete. But not to beat the Patriots or Dolphins or Steelers or Ravens or any other rival, this is all about beating their roommate, the New York Giants, and not on the field but in the wallet.
Even with not making the playoffs in 2009 and 2010 (while NYJ were in the AFC Championship) the Giants pulled in better and more sponsors than the Jets. The Giants sold more tickets, the Giants were still NY's team. Before the NYG/J game this season Rex Ryan said he wanted to prove the Jets are not the little brother in NY anymore, the Giants said nothing. The Jets took large sheets and covered over the Giants' Lombardi Trophies (it was a Jets home game in the shared stadium), which the Giant players tore down. After the game when NYG won, Rex Ryan said "I guess we are the little brother..."
The Jets insist that they have to be New York's team, they have to beat the Giants to feel good about themselves, they need to sign glitzy players and make a big splash. The New York Jets are indeed, a three ring circus.
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  1. The Jets fan I talked to in the bar tonight says the Jets will now move Tebow to Jacksonville, as part of an NBA style three team trade. If they do it'll be news to ESPN.

  2. All because broke neck Manning's ego won't let him share the glory with another QB.

    Good riddence, I say..

    Andrew Luck or Robert Griffith III - movin on.


  3. I don't follow the NFL the way I used to. Rugby has captured my fancy. (When in New Zealand and all that.) Still, I have to wonder what effect Tebow will have on the Jets. Ought to make for an interesting soap opera at the very least.