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Monday, March 19, 2012

No. 18 in blue and orange

Looks like Peyton Manning will now lead the Denver Broncos. In a weak division he can most definitely lead this team to the playoffs like Tebow did.
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  1. RM,
    We in Indianapolis all wish Peyton Manning the best. But, be fair - Tim Tebow has to go because Manning's ego will not allow him to be the only dog in the dog house. And, with the Colts almost certainly drafting Andrew Luck the Colts realized Manning's ego problem and knew he wouldn't share the glory with the new kid and let his sore neck ass go.
    Also, Manning won us ONE Superbowl - by a miracle at that. He had a extremely annoying habit of throwing interceptions under two minutes when the Colts could have won the games. "I take full responsibility", was spoken a lot!
    Now, we have also seen his ass perform - So, good and bad. But, to focus on only the good and not recognize the bad is wrong.

    As to Tim Tebow - Manning just took your job. Get his ass for that...