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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pat Robertson has Alzheimer's

Pat Robertson has declared that divorce is okay if your spouse is diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. Wow. Will the Christians ever live up to their values? I guess not.
I, personally, don't think that marriage has anything to do with God. Frankly, it's none of his damn business. Yet, many millions of couples have sworn to God to care and cherish their spouse in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad. Just shows once again that that is all bullshit and even a devout Christian leader really doesn't believe in promises to God.
Red Mosquito- 1 Christians- 0

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  1. These pricks read the bible to find passages that support the way they want to live. If it isn't clear in the current version they claim they are greek scholars and if you read it in 20 century old greek it supports what they claim. It's a weapon for them, you don't hear much about the prosperity prophecies any more, but a few years ago lots of people were back stabbing at work to get ahead, cheating on taxes, all because god wants them to be rich, hell they have to do it, it's gods will.

  2. Fringe!
    Now you hold on, damnit! That long haired teethy assed mega church preacher who has all of the books and videos out said that God wanted you to be rich (As in, of course, him).
    So, God hates poor people?
    Read the Bible - the Gospel of Luke - and Jesus's words about the poor. Republicans are the modern day Pharasees. Rich men in the temple who want to tell us how to live.
    How do you think Jesus would be treated today by the thumper right if he started talking about giving money to the poor?


  3. As to that stuff with Robertson - "til death we do part" - Damn, I recall them words from at least two or three the marriage rites I have attended.
    But, say - Robertson is right! Ditch the brain dead cunt and go after that hot seventy year old peice of ass on that walker...
    Do you see how her ass moves when she takes a step - and the nurse told me - them buck teeth are the original equipment.
    Now, where did I put them damned blue pills?


  4. Sarge more:
    Sadly, my Mom is exhibiting some early signs of dementai- Hence my moving back to Evansville. Mary Louise will never be inside a nursing home - Not on my watch...


  5. Bryan:

    I think Pat Robertson has been brain dead for the past 15 years.

  6. Bout as bright as a one watt bulb - fer sur...


  7. "In sickness and in health.......uh, wait a minute, about that sickness part...."