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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Baby Update

It seems like just a few posts ago that I announced my wife was pregnant again. Well, on Monday the 19th we will be heading to the hospital bright and early for Abby to be induced.
My other children were also induced, Alyssa because it was near her due date and she made no attempts at leaving her warm home, and Devin because of his size. Alyssa was born at 7lbs. 10 oz and had to be pulled with forceps to get out, so when Devin was estimated at being over 8 lbs if he went to due date (Dec. 7) they decided to induce him out two weeks early. He was born on Nov. 27th at 7lbs. 14oz, but did come easier than his older sister.
Abby's due date is Sept.24th but she is already over 8lbs. A week ago they measured her to be 8lbs. 3oz, and at this stage they put on about 8oz a week, so she's probably around 8lbs 11oz by now. Hoping all goes well, and yes, the change of a C-Section is high. I will have updates on Monday.
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  1. Hope everyting comes out okay...


  2. I guess your wife is good at growing babies. ; )

  3. Bryan:

    Yikes! Your kids are born half grown. :^)

  4. Hope all goes well.