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Thursday, July 11, 2013

NFL Picks coming....

I printed out a grid style schedule, went over each game marking wins and losses, put together playoff scenarios and keep coming to the same conclusion....I see a Super Bowl rematch from years ago. Different players, same teams. But only if things work right. The AFC team I'm locking up, it's the NFC that figures on seeding. How many big defense, mobile QB teams my projected winner has to go through is a factor.
I'm doing it one more time, but I think playing in a cold weather stadium will be just fine for the Super Bowl teams.


  1. Replies
    1. I took laws of percentages...I don't see the Niners making a third straight NFC Championship game and because it would make them the first ever home team in the Super Bowl I had to eliminate the Giants too.

    2. Although, how amazing would a Giants/Broncos Super Bowl be?

  2. Why does anyone think Denver will go to the Super Bowl? Does everyone think that Peyton Manning will suddenly become a winning post season Quarterback? The two not-so-hot picks to watch are Houston and Cincy.

    1. I don't think Houston is a Super Bowl team..although, I didn't think the Ravens were last year either. Peyton is not a post season great, which is a shame because he's one of the best ever. At this point, with all off season moves basically over I think Denver is the team to beat. The Pats will be good, and I do like Cincy too but I think their youth needs just a little more time to explode in the AFC. Maybe I'm wrong, but I just see Denver being the best of the AFC.

    2. Not as a title winner but until I saw the schedule, I was about to jump all over Miami to win the East. Their first half pretty much ends that hope.