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Friday, March 15, 2013

I'm loving this off season

For one reason only; the destruction of the New York Jets. I usually wouldn't take great satisfaction in a non rival team rebuilding but loud mouth Rex and his fans have made me a Jet hater.  They have lost one of the best safeties in the NFL to the Colts, lost their RB to the Titans, TE to the Dolphins, and are on the verge of trading their best player because they don't think they'll be able to resign Revis after next season. Ah, the Jets and Iggles rebuilding in the same year...can it get any better?
After two playoff seasons all I heard from Jets fans was they are the team of the future in New York and the Giants are on the decline, that Sanchez is way better than Eli and more players want to play for Rex rather than Coughlin. I'm the first to admit the Giants are not a consistent team, they can go from 8-1 to 10-6 any season and it wouldn't shock me. But, they have a good system and are contenders every year. But do we hear Coughlin running around declaring his team to be the best? Nope. They win the title in 2011 and Tom says "we stunk last year, we won the Super Bowl but we were bad during the season, that needs to change". Rex loses the AFC title and declares he has the best team in the NFL.
Enjoy your last season as a Head Coach, Rex.

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  1. Yeah, but now reports are coming out that Kolb may be headed to the Jets. LOLOLOL, Not quite as great as their coach made them out to be.
    On a better note, my beloved Bears are making big splashes. Your Giants on the other hand seem to be interested in a slight rebuilding phase. But who can doubt what Coughlin has done for that club.
    Noone compares to the Ravens. Complete rebuild, I think the Defense will be lucky to finish in the top 25.