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Friday, December 9, 2011

What if?

I have a question for all my Democrat readers, and swing voters I suppose too. If the Republicans put forward a serious candidate (stop laughing) would you vote for them?
Now, I am hard pressed to think of a current high profile Republican that isn't insane, but say we could get an old school Repub. one who is for the people, like Ike.
I know in my lifetime, there have been 3 Republican Presidents, although I have only been old enough to follow politics for one of them. I don't know first hand what the old Republican Party was like pre- Reagan but I heard it was nice. Would a candidate like that be able to survive the Limbaugh's of the world? Could they actually get on the GOP ticket and run successfully against President Obama? Or is the right too far gone? Have they gotten too conservative? Too greedy?
What say you?
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  1. Yes. The only one of this group that could have a icecicles chance in hell of being that rarified creature is Huntsman. And a few days ago he kowtowed to the anti-science and chamber of commerce by flip flopping on climate science thereby knocking himself off the possibility list. So, yes I could but can't as this rare and endangered species has not been spotted for a few years, very timid, secretive, often hunted by it's own clan members.

  2. RM,
    Rove stole Jesus and pandered to the extreme thunper right -The GOP got Bush elected twice.
    Well, they stole both elections - But, after stealing Jesus; what is a little sleazy politics? Then came the baggers - I am not sure what the Republican leadersship in Congress makes of them - But, they are scared to face a bagger in a primary. So, the GOP shifted to the far right.
    I voted for Reagan over the peanut farmer. I even voted for GW first time out. But, I also voted for Clinton and Obama. I see myself as a moderate. Am I am Democrat or a Republican? I guess a little of both. And, that is what this election lacks - moderation. We have become so polarized that agreeing on anything is becoming impossible. That must change.
    Fringe is right about Huntsman. The thumper right shuned him as they are doing Romney - Yet, they flocked to the pizza man who had his brains in his dick and now adore a serial adulter. Newt has been born again ot some hands in the air eye-ball rolled back in the head bullshit. The rest of the pack are just that; the others. Ron Paul will make perfect sense one day and be labeled a kook the next. The far right is against birth control but Paul's son ought to be poster child for rubbers...

    Obama in 2012 - Do do else makes no sense.


  3. Is there any hope then? I wonder what it will be like for my Grandchildren at this rate. The country moving backward instead of forward, less tolerance and Jesus in the classroom. Sad.

  4. At present, I would say moderates and politics don't mix, especially for Republicans. Every one they've come up with who fits the bill as a moderate decides to pull up stakes and get the hell out. Of course voters could affect that by refusing to listen to extremist b.s. but when so many turn to Box of Rocks News for information on the present state of the US and the world, there's little hope of that.

  5. I should add a post script to my previous comment. Several years ago, my home area of New York State was represented in Congress by one Amory Houghton Junior who was a millionaire several times over yet provided Republicans in the House with a voice of moderation and reason. He was one who argued strongly against impeaching Clinton and was often called upon to act as go-between in efforts to bring Democrats and Republicans together on legislation. Unfortunately, he is now 85 years old and left Congress in 2005. But if the republicans were to find a candidate such as he, I would definitely consider voting for him (or her).

  6. I would vote for Colin Powell, and being a democrat, as many times as you wanted. But seriously, I would. Too bad his health is bad.

  7. Be nice to have Colin Powell but he is sick I read.